recommending books by answering specific questions

recommending books by answering specific questions

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  • My answers will be based on the books I read most recently as to keep shit fresh, and I recommend them!
  • TW: rape, misogyny, death, etc.

witches: a book or character that is magical | Glory and her best friend eat a dead bat, or whatever, and are able to see into the histories of the people around them. The fabulist elements of this novel make more sense to the contemporary elements than others novels by this author like Ask the Passengers and Everybody Sees the Ants, and the author uses these elements to discuss misogyny.

mummies: a book or character you can’t wrap your mind around | While I was genuinely on board with The Folk of the Air series, I still feel frustrated by how unbelievable Taryn and Locke were.

vampires: a book, series, or author you can’t live without | I would never allow myself to be the person who well, actuallys and points out that I can live without all books, series, and authors, so I had to go with something. I’m going to expand the question tell you my life would be worse if I didn’t have shoujo manga in it.

werewolves: a book best read in the middle of the night | I’m inclined to say romance novels are the only books I would stay awake for, but I don’t read as much romance as I think I do. It’s difficult to remember the last time a book had me staying up late, but I believe it was this one as once I was in it, I was in it.

zombies: a book you picked up for the 2nd time or continued after DNFing it | As a passionate DNFer, I love this question because the books I give a second chance to are important to my reading because they almost always, and I mean 99.999% of the time, still get the exact same rating from me as they did when I DNFed them. I have this work ★★ during a DNF in 2015, and then ★★ again this year when I read it all the way through.

ghosts: a character you saw right through, or a book you easily predicted a twist or the ending of | I’m fairly certain I figured this mystery out early on, but I have to emphasize I enjoyed the journey of this novel very much and consider Amy Engel a strong contender for my favorite author’s list with 2/3 successes thus far.

frankenstein: a book that truly shocked you | I was shocked by how incredible this novel was, that’s for sure. The believable and relatable depictions of misogyny in this were visceral to the point I felt sick to my stomach reading it. I know it technically had a lot of hype when it came out, but don’t trust the reviews that called it basic. This was powerful and necessary and I’m pretty sure I cried.

skeletons: a book or character that either chilled you to the bone or got your funny bone | This book does not get nearly enough credit for how hilarious it is. I am extremely biased in favor of parody, so I was cackling like I rarely do when reading novels! I look forward to the next in the series and that makes 2/3 wins for Cynthia Hand and me.

goblins: a greedy character or a character that loves gold and jewelry | I appreciate the opportunity to tell every YA contemporary or YA mystery fan they must read the Tiny Pretty Things series. The protagonists are ambitious ballerinas who want it all and will do fucked up things to get it all or get revenge for it all.

devil: a dark, evil character | Shucks, I already used Into the Drowning Deep so I can’t talk about how capitalism is the true villain there. I personally don’t believe in “evil” and I find characters who are portrayed as such to be boring and unbelievable; to challenge myself I’m going with Leck from Graceling who is mostly a piece of shit.

grim reaper: a character you loved or hated that died | I can’t tell you who because it would most definitely be a spoiler, but, OW my heart.

scarecrowsa book or character that scares you | Other than the school staff and antagonist in Moxie, it would have to be the antagonist in this book, obviously because he raped the protagonist and continued to attempt to harm her.

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